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Acquiring the perfect taste

The initial Cuppanut concept began with me sat at home, spooning desiccated coconut into empty tea bags (English Breakfast tea bags that I'd cut open and emptied out!) - soon after this I'd ordered empty tea bags and my dining table was transformed into my own little coconut tea factory!

Inventing Cuppanut

I knew, even from this moment, I was onto something. However, JUST putting coconut into a bag wasn't quite enough. It lacked bite - it tasted weak. So I began to develop the idea.

After some research I found a food development association (that's actually their name! - Food Development Association! Or FDA for short - easier for me to say!) that could help me develop the flavours and steer me on the right direction.

After much deliberation we came up with the 3 flavours - Coconut, Coconut and Cranberry, and Coconut, Ginger and Turmeric - and we worked on these flavours for hours, altering the levels of each ingredient to get the flavours just right.

Testing Cuppanut

Throughout this process I always stayed true to my initial concept. All natural, all pure, all good!

Now that these 3 flavours are available, the Cuppanut team are already working on 5 new flavours - so keeping watching for news on these.

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